bloggerpicFrom my earliest memories, I remember loving writing. Writing in journals, writing essays in class, writing stories, writing letters, writing in books, writing my name in the blank pages at the back of my Disneyland autograph books.

I remember writing about everything. I wrote really bad Harry Potter fan fiction. I wrote the back story to the educational computer games my brother and I would play (Any Cluefinders fans out there??) I wrote my own tween girl detective stories. I wrote folktales, fairy tales, tall tales and myths. I wrote fluffy teen angst stories. I wrote funny poems and songs.

Now I’m trying to write a novel. It’s been several years since I decided that would be my goal and it’s been my most difficult one yet. I’ve had various ideas and characters that have cycled through my head and I’ve given them all a chance, but I can’t seem to move forward with the best one. It’s an incredibly frustrating and enlightening process, I’ll tell you that much. It’s not all cozy coffee-shop afternoons and waking up from a dream to scribble on a sticky note on your night stand (although that all has happened to me).

I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time in 2010 and got to 30k words. Some of what I wrote is salvageable… 2011 and 2012 were complete failures. I think I wrote less than 5k words in each.

This blog started as an assignment for an online media class when I was in undergrad and has evolved into a space for me to chronicle my young, ambitious, idealistic, writerly endeavors and allow me to restore my faith and love for this art. I plan to share interesting blog posts and articles, quotes, writing exercises, random musings, writing techniques, and bits and pieces of my own work.

If you’d like to hear my thoughts on other subjects like global affairs, social impact, gender, religion etc., then head on over to my other blog, Conflicted Voices!

I hope you feel open enough to share your writing and thoughts with me as well. Writing is a solitary pursuit, so it’s always great to find some travel companions.