My New Gig: Book Blogger

I don’t think I ever mentioned I am a book blogger now?

Well I am a book blogger for Layali webzine, this neat online magazine geared towards young American Muslim women!

This is a great outlet for me to write again and also get experience reviewing books instead of mumbling incoherent thoughts to people when I recommend or dissuade them from a particular book. There really is an art of writing a great book review, like you can’t be so subjective but you also have to add your opinion and analysis, not give away spoilers and major plot points, tease out captivating and thought-provoking quotes AND sound interesting.

So far I have reviewed two books, but only one has been posted so far: Alif the Unseen.

I’m a pretty slow reader though with work and everything else going on, so I intend to have a review every month but it might be every other month.

The next books I’ll be reviewing in the upcoming months are:

I’m trying to not specifically review only books that involve Muslim characters or Islam since obviously those aren’t the only books I or American Muslim women read, but one of my goals is to showcase good literature that successfully integrates those subjects and add my critical perspective to the dialogue. I also hope to inspire American Muslim women to not only read more, but read diverse types of books. Then we can all be nerds together!

If you’ve got any great books you’ve read or think I should review, let me know so I’ll add it to my list! Being a book blogger is the best excuse to spend all your time and money on books hehe.