ramadan return

My new website is currently having server issues which has prevented me from logging in and I’m not patient enough to wait until the problem is solved to be able to write again, so I’m back from Ramadan to share my thoughts on this blog!

[day 2]

if all i get from this month is hunger and thirst

then it will be a waste

and yet

i fear that the absence of food and drink

will drive me away from any other effort

pull me down as i climb the hierarchy of needs

to achieve a greater me

self actualization, where art thou

but a hazy mirage behind my daydream of succulent water droplets

and the sounds of hunger pangs

i haven’t been myself all year

so who knows what shadow of a soul i will be in this month

upset sleep cycles, remembrance of God and our transitory state of being

if all i get from this month is hunger and thirst

then it will be a waste

i pray i don’t wince at the true nature of my face 


rainfall: a poem

photo credit:Corey Leopold

i need to move somewhere where rainfall isn’t a cause for celebration

where it’s something so familiar and comforting

like a morning conversation with a good friend

not like an exceptional long distance phone call

that comes through only at the most opportune time

Writer’s note: It’s raining now, hence the inspiration behind this piece. As I live in a desert climate, there’s always mixed feelings about the coming of rain and I can never get enough of it. I know people who live in eternally drizzling spots of the country would argue with me about the wonders of it, but it really makes the city ( and me)  so relaxed and humble.