ramadan return

My new website is currently having server issues which has prevented me from logging in and I’m not patient enough to wait until the problem is solved to be able to write again, so I’m back from Ramadan to share my thoughts on this blog!

[day 2]

if all i get from this month is hunger and thirst

then it will be a waste

and yet

i fear that the absence of food and drink

will drive me away from any other effort

pull me down as i climb the hierarchy of needs

to achieve a greater me

self actualization, where art thou

but a hazy mirage behind my daydream of succulent water droplets

and the sounds of hunger pangs

i haven’t been myself all year

so who knows what shadow of a soul i will be in this month

upset sleep cycles, remembrance of God and our transitory state of being

if all i get from this month is hunger and thirst

then it will be a waste

i pray i don’t wince at the true nature of my face 


Figment Activity

So I’ve been uploading a lot of my work on Figment.com for some cool contests and just to add to the library, so I’d love for you all to give me some feedback. It’s kinda crowded on Figment unfortunately and not to sound pretentious or anything, but people give out hearts (equivalent to Facebook likes) quite eagerly to friends and low-quality writing.

It’s hard to feel genuine and appreciated there sometimes and I’d really like to grow and hone my craft with serious writers who aren’t afraid to give you their honest opinion and take their time with what they do. The contests they have are always really cool, but it’s hard to have a chance in them too. I’ve read some of the finalists and they’re only based on the Figment users and then judged by the guest judges who are amazing writers like Paolo Coehlo (my fave) and Billy Collins. I guess I just wish there was a way to combine having such open access and opportunity with more realistic standards.

Anyhow, I still encourage to try out the site as well as inkpop or any other writing communities, because it’s still better than being a solitary writer, right?