Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story

History is said to be written by the victors.

Noor Inayat Khan is a Muslim woman, born in Moscow in 1914. While living in Paris, she found her true calling during the Second World War: to stand up to the encroaching Nazi terror. She worked as a secret agent and wireless operator in Paris behind enemy lines and transmitting messages to Berlin. Noor was eventually betrayed by some French operatives, arrested and imprisoned by the Nazis. She was tortured, but refused to reveal any information to her captors.She was later transferred to Dachau concentration camp with other female agents and shot in 1943.

Noor Khan was posthumously awarded the George Cross in 1949. She is a real-life hero we have failed to acknowledge in our war accounts and heroic narratives and now we have the chance to ensure history doesn’t miss this incredible chapter.

Unity Productions has produced a fantastic 60 minute docudrama about her life and needs our help to make sure the movie gets to see the light of day. The Kickstarter campaign has a $45,000 goal and already $39,467 has been pledged. There are 69 more hours to go and the campaign is SO CLOSE.

There are hundreds of films about WW II, but the Muslim story is largely missing. Our aim is to share the story of a hero who was unique in her own right: growing up in a household with American and Indian roots. Noor’s childhood was rich with inclusion and openness to all people, even as divisive nationalism and ethnic genocide were on the rise across Europe. Because of its universal values and sheer display of heart and courage, everyone can identify with Noor Khan’s story. It will help people to see Muslims, particularly Muslim women, in a new light.

Noor’s identity as a Muslim woman did not stop her from signing up to join the fight against the Nazis. Motivated by her faith, Noor’s worldview was based on a respect for all faiths against Hitler’s ideology of ethnic and religious extermination. She suffered the same fate as millions of Jews.

In a period like ours, filled with debate about Muslim women, who they are and what they stand for, we see great value in bringing into the public square examples and stories of strong Muslim women in unconventional situations. The Muslim community rarely has an opportunity to share such stories widely. Noor Khan’s biography, shown on national television, has the potential to reach millions.

If the campaign doesn’t reach its goal, then the project loses ALL FUNDING. ALL OF IT!

That means all the hard work and outreach will have been for nothing. Please donate whatever you can to this amazing project and spread the word to your family, friends and network. Check out the project on KickstarterFacebook, and Twitter.

UPF is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit, so all donors will also get a tax-deduction (if that’s what really motivates you.)

Noor’s story deserves to be heard. Let’s make it happen!


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