untitled poem on love

i never used to cry in romantic comedies

or during songs about love

i never used to express that emotion because i felt

that letting it all out was a sign of weakness

a signal of irrationality,

cliche naivety

the eternal optimism was just so alien to me

i couldn’t understand why everyone just loved love so much

tell me, do i just have a hardened heart?

i think i’m too young for one of those

my heart has no reason for to be so difficult to awaken

the world is too small

our lives are too short

and when i think about the certainty of death, i realize

i have no time to be wasting my cynicism on things that allow me to feel more human

because i will never be human again

i will never be this human again

love will not be there for me when my soul has left this earth

neither will money



or material possessions

that must be why we chase love

love can find us and slip so effortlessly away

it is the one thing that we all want, despite how much it scares and fascinates us

love has become a part of our stories, our myths, our legends

yet we are still so far from understanding it

so we cry and pen letters and songs

in hopes that we will one day be blessed with its knowledge

one day we will discover love’s rosetta stone

and share its secrets with all of humanity


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