Help Ms. M’s Class Grow Two Years in Reading!


My good friend and old roommate is currently a 9th grade English teacher and needs your support to give her students access to engaging books  that will develop their reading skills.

One key ingredient in helping students become stronger readers is having novel studies in the classroom. My students will use these copies of “Like Water for Chocolate” to gain exposure to the fantastical and inviting world of magical realism and to understand the power of figurative language in literary context. This novel set will engage my classroom by allowing students to explore complex and relatable characters, and to read the work of a Mexican author whose culture and heritage is vastly under-represented in my school’s current book collection and novel sets.

Please donate whatever you can to her DonorsChoose project and make a difference in empowering young readers. Many of her students come from high-poverty areas and have not had the luxury of having a wide variety of books to read at school or home.

There are 26 days left to give. Spread the word!!



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