When Disney Princesses Turn Evil

When Disney Princesses Turn Evil

Evil Ariel!

I absolutely LOVE fairytales with a twist. These illustrations of evil Disney princesses like Pocahontas, Ariel, and Mulan are genius. Now we just need stories to match every picture….

One idea, Ariel’s left hand has been replaced by a fork, so maybe she got bitten by a shark and then Prince Eric no longer wanted to be with her (since he was drawn to her beauty in the first place and didn’t really pay attention to her personality, let’s be real here). Her loneliness and desperation drove her mad and pushed her to seek solace in the sea again as a mermaid. Pollution and sewage in the ocean, thanks in part to Prince Eric’s carelessness, has infected poor Flounder and warped him into a bitter, crazy creature and killed off many of Ariel’s family members. Together, Ariel and Flounder plot their revenge against the human world…

Not bad, right? It’s so fun to see how anything can inspire you:)

If you want more, check out the artist’s blog!


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