Post-grad/summer life

So I graduated university 2 weeks ago exactly. I have abandoned the one identity I have been comfortably walking around in—student. As I walked across the stage to get my not-diploma in three different ceremonies (honors, bachelor 1, bachelor 2), I felt like I was shedding my skin in front of hundreds of people I didn’t know and asked to smile and pose while doing so.

Now I’m here, in the lull of summer days with no routine or purpose, no expectations, at least for a short while. I will be starting an internship in June that will have me working 40 hours a week. This sounds painful but also welcome. Boredom comes quite easily to me. I have plenty to do of course, but yet boredom still sneaks up on me because my brain begin an over-analytical inner monologue and then I end up thinking about the utter pointlessness to whatever activity I’m engaging in.

I’m trying to jumpstart the creative engine of my brain this summer and hope it lasts into the next year. Creativity comes from habit, routine, practice, action, perspiration, therefore I need to establish that for myself. I can’t let my characters, dialogue and plot points float around without a page to land on. Some sort of direction must be delineated, much like my own personal/professional life.

One of my best friends gifted me this wonderful 5 year journal that asks you a question each day with a few lines to answer. So far, I’ve been writing in it everyday and it’s been good. Here’s the cute little thing:q&a book

Also, I found this cool reading list of writers on writing compiled by a website called brainpicker. Check it out and see if it inspires you:)

My current dilemma is that I have four different novel ideas I started over the past 4 years in college and I’m having difficulty deciding on which one to come back to or if I should just start fresh with something completely different? Thoughts?

I really want to put together a good writing playlist on Spotify. Music keeps me going, so if you have any suggestions, I can add them in. I’m currently enjoying the lovely Sia. I don’t know why, but she looks like what I imagine is my writing muse: deeply passionate, profound, but also whimsical and fun.

Anyhow, enough rambling from me. I’m looking forward to rediscovering myself in the coming months and see what progress I make with my writing. This is supposed to be when my real life begins, right? Let’s hope it’s also when my real writing begins, hehe.


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