On new beginnings (or wow, I just noticed last time I posted here was five months ago)

It’s February. Second month of the year. The shortest month. So of course I’ve decided to pick this month to renew my intention to write more and post more on this blog. Whether it’s a poem, a few sentences, a word, an article about writing or some fabulous book, there has to be something I can write about on this blog right? I mean blogs make writing SO easy. We have a built in platform and media buttons and all kinds of nifty things to get our precious words sent out into the universe to never be read by another living soul except for spambots. But they don’t have souls, so that doesn’t count.

I’ve begun reading/listening to Bossypants by Tina Fey which I downloaded on Audible (oh yeah, I got a smartphone. Let’s just attribute my absence to that marvelous piece of technology), who is by far one of my favorite comedians. Notice I used comedian and not the feminine alternative, comedienne, because let’s face it, Tina is far funnier than most comedians male or female and doesn’t deserve to be relegated into a special breed of joke tellers that menstruate.

Tina’s improv memories with the Second City brought me back to my own illustrious improv career in 5th and 6th grade, where I was the star of the troupe because I was a master at stereotypical accents and was willing to always say “Yes, and” which is one of the major building blocks of good improv acting.

As I listened to her awkwardly painful but smart journey into becoming a successful “woman in comedy” who gets to boss people around, I became inspired to start writing again. Because for all her crazy anecdotes about working at the YMCA, having a horrible honeymoon on a cruise ship and growing up with summer showtime and befriending the cool gays, I realized I have just as many ridiculous coming-of-age/gender/life purpose stories in my life. And I’ve also been called intimidating too for being a good student, being active on campus and in the community, and just being able to make statements that don’t end in questions.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to write a memoir anytime soon. I’m not up there with Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus. What I do want to do is dabble in some humor writing and short stories, because I like laughing and not taking forever to do so.  I also want my stories to have a point though. Every good joke has a thesis statement even if you’re not trying to be serious. I realized that’s what made Tina Fey and Amy Poehler‘s sketch together as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton so brilliant. Correction: Tina made me realize that because she said so in her audiobook in the chapter I’m in.

Thanks to Tina, I’m not afraid of being called Bossypants either, because if I even have a modicum of her success–producing my own show, writing an awesome screenplay like Mean Girls, doing Weekend Update…yea I think I’ve had a pretty good life.

So what you should take away from this post is GO OUT AND GET BOSSYPANTS. Read  it but preferably listen. Nothing quite like having Tina talk to you while eating breakfast, driving in the car, or sitting around your apartment avoiding your homework. I have to pause the narration so many times because I’m still laughing and processing what she just said 🙂

Happy February! Hopefully you’ll be seeing me around here more.


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