A Writer’s Bloq Party

Writing is hard. You don’t need me to tell you that, but it remains to be seen how to overcome the challenges of the publishing industry and isolating journey of pouring out your heart and soul on paper.

I’ve joined other online writing communities in the past beginning with TeenInk and then inkpop and finally figment. These are great sites dedicated to cultivating young writers and getting young adult lit published through user voting and contests.

But I’ve had my concerns about these sites, mostly in that there seems to be an emphasis on popularity over quality. I have full faith that there are in fact brilliant writers of the tween generation but not a whole lot. My work and that of the 20-somethings and beyond will not be appreciated or read if we don’t befriend every person on the site, write cliche and cutesy teen-related topics and spend countless hours liking and trading “hearts” to boost ourselves up to gain attention from the mass public. The contests sounded fun and I love how integrated the sites were with my favorite popular YA authors, but it just wasn’t a good fit.

So I have been looking for a more professional, serious yet fun online space that I could feel at home in and I think I’ve finally found it: Writer’s Bloq.

Founded by a Columbia alum, Naya Moysidis, (@NAYIAisms) Writer’s Bloq is a place where “you can share your writing with the world.  You can create a literary portfolio to exhibit all of your work, published and unpublished, short stories and novels, poems and memoirs, everything you have.  Share your work with other talented writers and dedicated readers, with people who really care, with a literary community that wants to hear your voice.”

Writer’s Bloq understands that “the best writers of our generation are overlooked,” so the writers on the Bloq is made for writers who have experienced this unfortunate problem and promotes cooperation and innovation.

Writer’s Bloq also just launched its first Quarterly, first two novels, and first tour, the Bloqparty, on Kickstarter.

You should also read this great article by Naya for The Levo League about her road to creating Writer’s Bloq for lessons not just on  writing but on persevering and learning from obstacles to do what you love.

So I hope you sign up and let me know what you think. I’m excited to connect with a diverse group of talented writers all over the web and improve my portfolio at the same time!

See you on the Bloq!



3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Bloq Party

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