Love this post! You have a fellow Muslimah writer supporting your dreams!

mrs.iqra goes to halalywood!

Dear Imam,

I’m sorry to hear about Sherman Hemsley. I’m not familiar with the show he worked on, but I can kind of guess – I’ve been studying Good Times, The Cosby Show and All in the Family for a thesis paper I’m writing on African Americans and Television. My argument includes proving that those kinds of shows were beneficial to White America in exactly the way you said. But I have to confess, Imam, I had an ulterior motive: I picked the topic because I thought if I studied successful minority-based shows, I might learn the secrets to creating one about Muslims, not quite like Little Mosque on the Prairie, but similar.

You’re right though, Imam…there are just so many stories to tell so the more, the merrier. Over the years, there is a lot that has built up inside of me and a lot I really want…

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