Beautiful. I tweeted about this last night that I just don’t find realistic, thought-provoking discussions of romance and feelings by females in a lot of popular books and movies. We fall into these contrived roles and feed each other lines, without actually thinking about our full, complete lives and where love actually fits into our hearts. On a personal level, I can relate to her feelings so much. As a writer, I can’t help but think I would love to read a book with Jenny’s voice in it 🙂


Five months ago in Spain, I wrote a note to a new friend, telling him that talking to him made me realize how much I have recovered from the emotional mess I was in when I landed in the new country. I think I wrote something along the lines of this:

“When I first realized I liked you a bit, I was actually really happy. For the first time in 2 years, my attraction to someone made sense. It wasn’t all-consuming, it wasn’t a perpetual ‘why in the world do I like him and why is he completely hijacking my brain?’ I had a small crush on you, and that felt nice.”

(…I’m glad he handled my tactless farewell revelation that with enough grace to actually keep talking to me.)

Anyways, as I am deleting my API study abroad contacts today (It was hard, I miss you guys!), I realized…

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