Writing Memoirs

I love memoirs. They’re such fascinating, complex, disturbing, magical creatures. You have to remember such minute details to make everything come alive and relive those memories.

I hope to have one one day, when I’m finally done observing and analyzing the hell out of everything in my life and there’s some sort of story arc to tell. I have plenty of interesting individuals in my family and social network to round out a wacky cast of characters. My minority status could make for a clever, empathetic hyphenated identity crisis that could either be a hackneyed immigrant tale or another Jhumpa Lahiri bestseller.

But I’m still afraid of what the effect of this kind of writing could do on the people I care about. In some way shape or form, I do weave in people from real life into my stories, often changing genders, combining two people into one or vice versa, but nothing too revealing.

This interview in the Paris Review with author, Alison Bechdel, was really informative and I’d recommend you all read it to hear how she tells her painful personal stories in graphic novels, Fun House and Are You My Mother? I’ll be putting those on my summer reading list!


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