poem day 15

(so skipped Thursday and Friday, whoops! Ah well, moving on…)

i’ll tell you a little secret to why i’m so immature

i still have two baby teeth and i’m 21 years old

whenever they tell me to grow up

whenever they say act my age

whenever they think i’ll get married soon

i laugh because they have no clue that i’m still holding on to my youth

there’s a part of me just can’t let go

won’t shake off my child-like attitude

it hangs tightly to the remnants of my naivety

when i thought tooth fairies existed

or magical little men changed the traffic lights 

or TV made your eyes turn square

as long as these teeth exist in my mouth

it doesn’t matter where i am in my life

when i forget who i am and what i once was

i’ll simply look in the mirror and open wide



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