poem day 1

This marks the beginning of my daily poem challenge for the remainder of the month of April. This is, of course, the busiest month of my semester since it is the last month of the semester. Regardless, I will not make excuses because poems can be written in only a few words, in the dark of the night, while I’m procrastinating on homework, need some time to vent or in the middle of class. (Yes, the priorities of a writer/student.)

Currently, I’m in my university’s library cafe, eating a delicious scone and dreading the next class I have to go to. 

delicate sugar crystals stuck to moistened fingers

the fresh crumbles of bread fall from the corner of her lips

they must think she’s drunk as she sits there

this poor, unkempt lonely girl

she must be drunk

or depressed

or worse: weird

the frenzy of the cafe does nothing to stir her

nor does the mumbling of the boy asking to use the chair she has placed her bag upon

she finally speaks

without turning her head

or wiping her face

“i’m sorry,” she says

“i’m taken by this seat.”


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