That Makes Two of Us-Introduction

I’m notorious for coming up with great ideas and characters but never following through with my stories. I think I get so caught up with making everything so perfect and being just funny enough, sincere enough, original enough and meaningful enough that I get too scared to see what could result from my efforts.

I’ve been trying for the past 4 years to write an honest, real story about Muslim youth in America and I think I realized my problem was I thought I knew what that story was. The American Muslim youth story is many stories really. It involves people who are secure in their identity and people who aren’t, people who are happy with their parents and people who aren’t, people who are at peace with their religion and people who aren’t. But what it comes down to is everyone is on their own journey to overcome their flaws and face their fears and this is what allowed me to tell the story of 2 Muslim teenagers, Narmin and Marwa who are best friends and both experience losing their faith for two very different reasons and then crawling on their hands and knees to try to get it back.

I started this story as a prose poetry form, because at that time I was so fascinated by the works of Sonya Sones and Ellen Hopkins. I’m not sure if I may change it later in the editing process if I think it’s too forced and doesn’t fit the true expression of Marwa and Narmin, so I have actually two versions of this story written. I know, I’m so indecisive.

I’ll post the story in parts, not quite chapters I suppose, because I don’t want to make them too long and difficult to read. I’ll just do my best to make it organized lol

I’d love your feedback on the story and hope you continue to come back for more. You, dear readers, could affect what happens in the story if I like your comments and ideas:) This should be fun!



2 thoughts on “That Makes Two of Us-Introduction

  1. Wait – what if you had a prose concept of the story on the left page and the novel version on the right? Both stories would unfold in-sync, and you’d maintain both versions..

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