god is not the boss of me

god is not the boss of me

he doesn’t lord over me tossing me demands and requests to get the job done or else he’ll fire me

that’s not what my contract says

i didn’t sign that. i didn’t i swear

i read it once, read it a thousand times

and i know it never said anything like that

a boss needs his employee, you see

he sets out a posting for someone with all the qualifications he wants

to help him and his business succeed whatever that may be

but when you’re running the whole world, universe, galaxy

you honestly think god needs someone to help him

and that someone is me?

he doesn’t need my prayer

doesn’t need my fasts, my charity, my pilgrimage, my declaration of faith

his master plan won’t fall apart

if i don’t pull it together and follow the rules he laid out

he won’t go turn around and replace me with someone better

out of frustration and desperation


god is not the boss of me

god is my teacher

i need his guidance, his teaching, his light

to get me through each day

he simply watches with concern

doesn’t grade but on my effort

not the outcome of performance

i intepret his words to the best of my ability

and i listen i pray and listen and do what i know is right

what i know he told me is right

out of curiosity and love

not out of fear and retribution

because the best students come from those who are unafraid to make mistakes

so i refuse to let you tell me that my instincts,

my unique thoughts, feelings and ideas of my religion

are somehow a direct disobedience and failure to follow commands

that i have lowered my duties to fit my comfort level yet expect the same reward as every one else

well, guess what?

i don’t care to be the employee of the month, year, decade or century

because god is not the boss of me

and i don’t want his money

i’m working for the pleasure of his company

– © Nesima Aberra 2011


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