Muslim American Girls MAGazine

I love discovering fresh, enthusiastic youth who decide to write their own future and create something new to share with the world.

While looking through American Girl MAGazine in 2006, Shabnam learned about a Jewish teenaged girl who started her own magazine.

“I thought that was really amazing! I also realized I had much of the same interests as that girl: reading, writing, photography, computers, art, etc. Then, I thought, Is there a magazine for Muslim girls?”

An important thing to do before starting your own project is to research what is already out there and what has been done, which is exactly what Shabnam did.

The online magazine looks professionally designed with the appropriate colorful, youthful energy complimenting the style of stories and articles provided. The content is divided into various categories from Health, Fashion, International, Poetry, Recipes, Faith and more.

If you’d like to contribute to Muslim American Girls MAGazine, they are looking for contributing writers so apply today!


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