Studying Creative Writing

Every now and then, I sit back and wish I was in a creative writing program at my university. I feel like those students get to have all the time in the world to write whatever they want because they have to. Sure they may not be in the most practical degree program and will have difficulty finding jobs after graduation, but who knows that maybe they are the next best thing and they are giving themselves the opportunity to find out?

I’m writing all the time but nothing personal for my creative writing goals. I’m writing essays and news articles throughout the week that I have no time and energy to begin writing something else. I know this sounds like an excuse, but when I do have some time, yes I read or watch a show or read blogs or something, but you have to take a break from writing.

My studies are pretty hard, serious stuff-journalism, global studies, Arabic, religion and conflict. I’ve tried being creative with my articles, but you can only do so much when everything has to on point, factual, here’s the news and make it shorter!

If I was just doing creative writing, then when I did take breaks, atleast I would have done something productive before that. I wouldn’t be tired of because I would be completely focused.

Now I’m thinking about perhaps getting an MFA after law school. I’d love to go to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop after noticing how many amazing students graduate from there or even ASU’s Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing or an MFA in Young Adult lit at the Vermont College of Fine Arts is good as well.

Most of the people in these programs are much older, like in their 30’s, so this is a goal for well in the future.

At the same time, the majority of writers never studied writing formally. Life was their classroom and I’m figuring that out day after day, that all the ups and downs of my life are making me so much more introspective, reflective and melancholy–plenty of emotional drama for storywriting. So far, I’ve just been journaling and writing notes on Tumblr, very pathetic forms of work if you ask me.

I just need that regulation and clockwork to put me in my place and tell me to stop bottling up all these thoughts and ideas and let them swirl onto a page and I’ll be better off because it. I’m letting voices die in my head and it’s getting quite crammed in there. I’m worried that I’m so out of writer’s shape that my goal to finish an entire novel is becoming more and more impossible. I’m huffing and puffing during the warm ups and stretch sessions.

If you’re a writer, are you studying it or want to study it formally? Or do you think getting an MFA doesn’t mean anything?


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