What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I know I’ve been neglecting my duties here at Young and Writerly as a chronicler of all things writing, but I have a good excuse: I’ve been writing lol.

I got a job as a part-time reporter at the State Press on the diversity beat, which means I have to spend more time finding my stories because “diverse” is code word for “not known by most of the students on campus.”

I’m also in a reporting class which also requires a story written every week. And while working on my stories, I have to be on the lookout for stories to pitch for the next week’s story.

On top of that, I’m taking 19 credit hours this semester.


Of course, the challenge is most welcome but it does take time away from my personal writing and this blog. I’m excited though because I got this brilliant novel/novella idea that I don’t want to talk to much about. My only hint is that it relates to my last post. It came to me in the middle of the night and I had to save it in a message draft on my phone:)

I’m hoping that this idea will come to fruition throughout the semester and not be dropped like my NaNo novels. I need something sustainable that I won’t get tired of and that with all my stress from school will beckon me to sit back and relax as I dive into an imaginary world.

Because as a journalism/global studies student who’s reading all about politics and conflict and poverty and human rights and religion, things can get pretty dark, so I’m doing my best to create a little sanctuary for myself.

Right now it includes Tumblr, Hulu, tea and my Nook:)


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