Poetry Is

“Poetry is not a thing, but a way of saying it.”

ā€”A.E. Housman

I know a lot of people say they hate poetry or it doesn’t make sense. I’ve always wondered why that is. What is the difference between a poem and a short story or a poem and a song?

It also reminds me of when people say they don’t like plays, but they like movies. How can that be?

I find all forms of creative expression beautiful and interesting and would never point blank say I don’t like the entire medium.

Anyone feel the same?


One thought on “Poetry Is

  1. There’s a skepticism surrounding poetry because there’s so much pretentiousness associated with it. I also sometimes get the feeling that it’s much easier to BS with poetry šŸ˜

    It’s a beautiful form of expression–perhaps the closest one can get to being a true artist in that he or she is painting a picture with words. I have much respect for the genre. Just not much respect for the people who give it a bad rep by writing junk.

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