poem: this is a mosque

note: i wrote this while sitting in the courtyard of my local mosque after Friday prayer waiting for my mother to pick me up. Yes, you read that right. I am a grown woman that doesn’t own a car and waits to get picked up by her mother:] There was so much going on that I felt stirred to jot down a quick poem, if you can call it that, in order to record my observations of my surroundings.

this is a joyful carnival

this is a picnic lunch

this is a schoolhouse

this is a makeshift marketplace

this is a wild daycare center

this is an ancient thermal bath

this is an ice cream social

this is a last minute substitute for a babysitter

this is a marriage hall

this is a secret napping spot

this is a pigeon’s poop spot

this is a student hangout

this is an old man’s library

this is an entire foreign language department

this is an interfaith/cultural center

this is a curve on a flat horizon

this is a sanctuary in the desert

this is a sinner’s refuge

this is a believer’s nirvana

this is a waypoint for the dead

this is the heart of a community

this is a cross-section of humanity

this ain’t no jihad central

this is a mosque


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