NaNoWriMo Checkpoint

So despite all my cheer leading and support for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been horribly behind on keeping up with the word count. Part of the problem is that my novel is a verse novel, so it has less words in it anyways. Each “chapter” is more like a poem and so words are brief and to the point.

Another problem is that NaNoWriMo works best when you come up with a crazy, fun idea just for that month. I’m using an idea I’ve been planning to work on and waited until November to do it. So now, instead of writing unconsciously, I’ve been writing really seriously. And when I write seriously, I’m cautious and a perfectionist and think too much.

The story I’m writing is really important to me and so I want it to be written in the best way possible. It’s pretty controversial in the topics it discusses as it’s about two Muslim girls entering high school and coming of age. Not really the kind of topic you can knock out 50k in 30 days, you know?

According to the calculator, I am averaging 235 words a day and at that rate I’ll finish by June 1st :O

I don’t know if it’s worth continuing or should I just stop and work on other projects? For some reason, the pull I had last year was much stronger and I’ve been getting distracted with so many other activities this month, which are still writing related but just not NaNo.

If you’re still doing NaNo, check in and let me know your feelings. What’s your word count and what has your experience been like?


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