Writing Tools and Accessories

This post is going to seem a little superficial, but to me, the tools of the trade significantly affect how focused and dedicated I am in my writing. The right journal, pen, paper, laptop, sketchpad–every item has to fit my mood. I’m sure we all have a favorite writing program or favorite pen and trusty notepad that we use to fill with every thought, piece of dialogue or feeling that crawls around in our head at weird hours of the night or on the ride to work/school.

I actually have very strange habits when I write like if I’m on my laptop, when I open up a document I use various fonts and font sizes for different parts of my outline and notes. I also CANNOT write in Times New Roman. I must write in Georgia.

And when I’m handwriting, I have to doodle and sketch around my notes because I need my ideas to be visual too. I have several journals that are like this with not much useful material but they’re interesting to flip through. I may upload some scanned copies of my notes to show you what I mean, but then you might think I’m even more crazy than you think I am right now…

But anyway, I thought I’d take the time to talk about how writing accessories supplement your writing experience no matter where you are and what you like to write about. (This could really help when you’re distracted or down during NaNoWriMo, because you can look forward to using all this nerdy, writing gear!)

The best journals are durable that can survive when you throw them in your purse, back pack, car or your messy desk. Sometimes they’ll get dirty, wet, stained, but hey, it gives it character!

Moleskine Notebook $10.95

Write, Plan, Doodle Pratt Journal $8.95


If you like handwriting your stories, then you’re going to need a trusty pen or pencil (or a lot.)

Vera Bradley Blue Rhapsody Pen and Pencil Set $19.95

Itoya XE100 Pen $3


A booklight is handy if you’re in a dark place or if you want to write in your journal in bed under the covers because you’re not supposed to still be up on a school night!

Might Brights Book Light$9.99


A laptop is also a wonderful tool to have for a writer where you can type quickly and save volumes of work in one place  and do many other lovely things that distract you like go on the Internet, take warped pictures on Photobooth, Skype people and mess around in GarageBand. I love my Mac:]

MacBook Pro $1199

Dell Inspiron Mini $499.99

A lapdesk is extremely nice so you can comfortably write  outside or in the car and not get bumpy lines all over the page instead of beautiful, purple prose that will win you a Booker Prize. It also prevents your laptop from burning your thighs.

Levenger Lap Desk $49

I REALLY want that lapdesk.

If you want to read reviews of various notebooks and more because you’re an notebook addict like me, check out Notebook Stories, but don’t spend too long! You’ve got writing to do!

Oh and let me know what you write in, your favorite notebooks and instruments and why!


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