Writerly Confessions

-I worry that no one will find this blog helpful or important because I’m not a published author or industry professional.

-I have imagined conversations and interviews of me after I have published a runaway bestseller.

-I feel like I read more about writing than actually writing.

-I dreamed of getting published before I graduated high school so that I could still be around for my friends and teachers to recognize me.

-The most I’ve ever written for a novel was during National Novel Writing Month last year.

-I like to eat desserts and drink chai tea when writing.

-I don’t make playlists for novels.

-I have a document saved called “Books I Need To Read” that I’m trudging through very slowly

-Some of my best work I wrote when I wasn’t really trying hard.

-I love reading children’s books but not the fact that I have no one to talk about them with.

-I’m uneasy about the number of classics I’ve heard of but have yet to read.

-I feel guilty writing at Starbucks.

-My enthusiasm is often dictated by the cover of my writing journal.

-I don’t know if I have the attention span to write a whole novel, let alone outline one.

-I like that everyone says they’ll buy my books one day, but I’m not sure that they actually will.

-I’m not sure if I should exploit my cultural and religious heritage in order to write something literary and voice-driven like Amy Tan or Jhumpa Lahiri.

-I’m scared that my love for writing is waning day by day and eventually I’ll stop caring about it and just be a reader of books like everyone else.

-I’ve met several authors and never had any good questions to ask them, because there’s nothing they can really do to help me.

-The only author I think that could help me is Paolo Coehlo, but I’m never going to meet him.

-I wish I majored in Creative Writing but I’m also glad I didn’t. It would be either a huge waste of time or too much pressure for to be impressive.

-I think I majored in Journalism, because I thought it was a more serious, realistic profession than creative writing, but now I’m not so sure.

-I cried during 8th grade Language Arts class while watching a documentary on Ray Bradbury when he was describing how he felt sitting his den surrounded by all his books-the comfort, the happiness, the pride, the courage… I desperately want to be able to feel like that one day.

-I think storytelling can change the world and I want to be a part of that amazing process.

-My favorite author quote is, “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” -E.B. White

*This was inspired by this blog post by writer Kara Mustafa.


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