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With the Internet, it’s so much easier to get published without a traditional publishing company or literary agent. You can write a personal blog that could spin off into a best selling book and movie like Julie Powell with Julie and Julia or have a really interesting Twitter feed like #$! My Dad Says and get a book and TV show.

Now, you can get your novel out into the world as an e-book. Barnes and Noble has a new service called PubIt! that makes it very simple to publish in 3 steps.

Amazon had a print-on-demand service called CreateSpace and a Digital Text Platform that will sell your book through Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and Kindle apps.

Remember that by not going the traditional route, you’re giving up lots of manpower, budget and experience that could have gone towards promoting your book and making it the best it could be. You’ll have to be in charge of selling yourself and making a profit, but having all that control may be a plus for you too. Make sure to read all the details before you go through it anything since you don’t have a savvy agent who knows all the rules and regulations.

Explore new creative ways in publishing and who might want to pick up your book next!


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