Text Your Next Novel


Photo credit:ECI Photography


For you tech-savvy, text-crazed writers, the text novel may be the next big thing you want to try out.

Text novels are a new form of writing, otherwise known as cellphone novels. Stories are written through text or email messages in short snippets and built together for one long story that’s sent to the web. The novels are about anything–romance, sci-fi, westerns, paranormals.

There’s actually a whole community out there that has embraced this new way of publishing by sharing  stories, getting feedback and winning prizes. The more your story is voted on, the higher it’ll get on the charts and make it to the front page! It’s a great opportunity to network and track the popularity of your stories by following and subscribing to text novels. Plus, you can even get your novel published like the 2008 winner of the TextNovel contest, Shannon Delany, who got a 3-book publishing deal with St. Martin’s Press!

So try it out today and put your texting to good use!


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